How dual monitors make your gaming experience better

In the past, many players chose to buy large-size, high-resolution screens to get a better gaming experience, but now, dual monitors have become the mainstream.

In fact, there is no conflict between these two methods. You can purchase an ultra-wide or curved display at the same time and buy another display to form a dual display.

But not everyone can afford this financial burden, and perhaps 70% of people can only choose one of the options. Should you spend all your budget to buy a high-resolution monitor, or buy two monitors of average quality, you need to look at the comparison between the two before choosing a solution.

price comparison

First of all, the composition of dual monitors is only two regular-priced monitors, and even if you are financially struggling, you can also buy cheaper and convenient portable monitors.

And if you are using an ultra-wide monitor or a curved monitor, their experience is indeed very good, but the expensive price is not very friendly.

Function comparison

The ultra-wide viewing angle and high resolution of ultra-wide displays and curved displays are the reasons why players love them. But the expensive price is not acceptable to everyone, and if you are a game anchor, then you should not make this choice.

The feature of dual monitors is that they can display two windows. When you are playing the game, you can also do other work in another window. This is an experience that one window cannot provide.

In addition, dual windows are necessary for game anchors. While they are playing games, they also need to interact with the audience through barrage, and the dual displays perfectly solve their needs.

Play in dual monitors

When you start the game, the default setting of windows is to display it on the main monitor. If for some reason, you want the game to be displayed on the second screen, you can try the following methods:

Shift+Win+left/right keys

Set the game to borderless mode and use the Shift+Win+left/right key combination. If there is no error, then you should be able to enjoy the convenience of dual monitors.

If this method has unexpected errors, please continue reading.

Change main screen

windows10 dual monitor setup

1. Back on the desktop, use the right mouse button to click on the blank desktop, and select “Display” in the pop-up menu

2. In the pop-up “Settings” window, the first part is the available monitors, and the blue represents the current main monitor.

3. Select the monitor you want (example: the second monitor), select the following “Make this my main display”

4. Click “Apply”.

Shrink the game window

1. Open the game in window mode, or after entering the game, find the settings and change to “window mode”

2. After the game screen is reduced to a window, you only need to drag the game to the second screen like other files, and then restore the full screen.


overwatch second screen setup

In addition, some game developers are more thoughtful, and can choose different monitors for display in the game, such as Overwatch.

If you follow the correct steps or use the correct cables, then you should be able to enjoy the convenience of dual displays.

If you still encounter unexpected difficulties during this process, please leave me a message below and I will try my best to help you solve it.

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