V3.0.0 VVDI MB BGA Tool With BGA Calculator Function

VVDI MB BGA Tool supports Benz key,read password and prepare new key via IR.

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How to: Lexia 3 work with Actia Multidiag VCI

Question: Lexia 3 software can work withMultidiag VCI? Lexia 3 interface work with ActiaMultiDi@g software?

Answer: Perhaps yes.

Part 1: Lexia 3 compatible with Multidiag software?

- Multidiag works ONLY with VCI1 and VCI2 ACTIA INTERFACES . Nothing else.

- Iirc the opposite is possible: the multidiag vci can be used with the lexia software.

- Yes, Multidiag VCI can be used with Lexia SW

- the interface of lexia 3 work in multidiag software:

PSA Evolution XS KIT or Lexia Interfacework with MultiDi@g Office S/W = NO AT ALL!!!!! The opposite = YES!!! Actia MultiDi@g PassThru Device CAN works with Lexia & PPO S/W's (via special Firmware flashing).....

Part 2: How to use Actia PassThru device with Lexia 3 (Citroen) andPPO (Peugeot) software

  1. Install Lexia 3 and PPO software.
  2. Run LexiaWithPassThruXS.exe and PPOWithPassThruXS.exe to make Lexia 3 and PPO to work together with Actia PassThru device.
  3. Install PassThru drivers (latest version available from


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Free Download V4.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software (2017-09-08)

V4.5.0 VVDI2 Full software update is OK Sep 8th,some customers gave feedback that link is not OK to download,you can check on vvdi2 older version to get newest version,or you can download from the link we offer now,tested OK to download.

vvdi2 update vvdi2 update

1.Free Download V4.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software (2017-09-08)


2.V4.5.0 VVDI2 Update Information(2017-09-08)

Require firmware V4.5.0


1. All customer should update the software to V4.5.1, use the latest software to synchronize your device

2. Update firmware v4.5.1 require the latest online update tool v4.5.0 version

3. Please download latest install software first then update firmware

BMW V4.5.0

1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn

2. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V4.5.1

1. Add online points system(Menu->Points System->Online points system)

2. Bugfix


Free Download V4.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software (

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