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How to use Condor XC-MINI Cut Citroen SIX3 Key with M3 Clamp?

CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Automatic Key Cutting Machine newest version is V4.0.1.And condor mini package standardly include 2 clamps M1/M2.Here we will introduce how to cut Citroen SIX3 Key with M3 Clamp.Xhorse M3 fixture needs to buy separately.


1.Condor XC-MINI power on,choose "Cut by bitting".

citroen mini condor

2.Choose SIX3 mode.Then press "Confirm".

condor xc-mini

3.Choose the detailed Citroen cut depth.Then confirm to continue.

condor xc-mini

4.It shows use M3 fixture.Please input the key bittings.


5.Put M3 clamp,and new key blade,tighten it.

xhorse mini condor

6.Click "cut" to start cutting Citroen SIX3 key blade.

condor xc-mini

condor xc-mini

7.One side cut finished,please cut another side.

8.Mini Condor Cutting process finished.

mini condor key cutting

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