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How to: Lexia 3 work with Actia Multidiag VCI

Question: Lexia 3 software can work withMultidiag VCI? Lexia 3 interface work with ActiaMultiDi@g software?

Answer: Perhaps yes.

Part 1: Lexia 3 compatible with Multidiag software?

- Multidiag works ONLY with VCI1 and VCI2 ACTIA INTERFACES . Nothing else.

- Iirc the opposite is possible: the multidiag vci can be used with the lexia software.

- Yes, Multidiag VCI can be used with Lexia SW

- the interface of lexia 3 work in multidiag software:

PSA Evolution XS KIT or Lexia Interfacework with MultiDi@g Office S/W = NO AT ALL!!!!! The opposite = YES!!! Actia MultiDi@g PassThru Device CAN works with Lexia & PPO S/W's (via special Firmware flashing).....

Part 2: How to use Actia PassThru device with Lexia 3 (Citroen) andPPO (Peugeot) software

  1. Install Lexia 3 and PPO software.
  2. Run LexiaWithPassThruXS.exe and PPOWithPassThruXS.exe to make Lexia 3 and PPO to work together with Actia PassThru device.
  3. Install PassThru drivers (latest version available from


  1. Run FlashPassThruForLexiaPPO.exe to install necessary tools. After it you will see 2 new

shortcuts on your desktop:

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