V3.0.0 VVDI MB BGA Tool With BGA Calculator Function

VVDI MB BGA Tool supports Benz key,read password and prepare new key via IR.

How to use Iscancar VAG MM-007 Change 4th IMMO UDS Instrument?

Iscancar VAG MM-007 English/Chinese version is in stock now.And MM-007 can support controller diagnostic, such as basic setting, channel adaption, read DTC, clear DTC, system login .etc


1.Firstly,it will request PIN and CS information to input into new instrument, you can get it via Iscancar VAG MM-007 to read by OBD from the engine or IMMO system to read.


2.Enter the new PIN, CS1 (6 bytes CS in the engine), CS2 (another 6 bytes CS), in general,the IMMO system will display all the data, power level (the value in IMMO and the engine system needs to the same).


3.Enter new VIN and IMMO code.


4.Confirm the data is right or not.


5.If all the data is right,the dashboard will display new information for PIN,CS,VIN.etc.

6. Instrument matching is completed, the dashboard will display 0-0, then need to learn the key and synchronous engine, you can complete it with VAG MM-007 too.

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How to use VVDI MB Tool Program Benz W220?

VVDI MB BGA Tool can do different Benz car models,and in the list it can support to program keys for W215, W220.Here this blog will display about VVDI MB Tool program Benz W220 key.

1.Start VVDI Benz software,connect VVDI MB with computer,insert IR adapter into car.

vvdi mb tool

2.Choose EIS Tools and IR mode.

vvdi benz key programmer

3.W220 chassis.

vvdi benz w220

4. Click "Read EIS Dada and Password"

Insert IR adapter to car.Take out and insert again.Remain 30 seconds.

vvdi benz w220

5.Reading data,then it shows:read password via IR,click Yes to continue.

vvdi benz

6.After read password successfully,it will display automatically.If it fails,please try other way to get key password.

vvdi mb tool w220

7.Click "Save EIS Data",save the data.

vvdi benz w220

8.Click "Prepare Key File",then "Load EIS File"

vvdi benz

9.Paste the key password you have read in step 6.

vvdi benz key programmer

10.Choose the key number,and then "prepare key file".

vvdi benz w220

11.Click "Read Write key" in vvdi mb tool software.Then identification key.

12."Load key file".

vvdi benz

13.Writing key successfully.

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(solved) Multi Diag Access J2534: VCI serial not found

(Solved) Error: "VCI serial not found" in Actia Multi Diag Access J2534

O.S.: 2 different laptops with 2 fresh installation off windows XP

VCI serial : A070026


Step 1: Installation of multidiag office Step 2: open multi diag after installation, choose USB Actia Passthru Step 3: Enter VCI serial : A070026

And all the time i get the "VCI serial not found", anyway i cancel that Windows. Put the Serial number get by the Keygen, and even in the Multidiag office interface if i try to put the serial "A070026" i get the error 2 xxxxxx

I reflash also the VCI with the VCI flsh tool get in this Forum to be sure to get the good serial "A070026" and plug it in the Car and reopen Multidiag and same error all the time.

I put "A070027" and that work, i try also to look for the "A070027" in the registery and replace it by "A070026", but still no way to get a DIag

I Install the Actia I-2010 (19.09) from 2 sources to be sure, 1 get from Rapidshare and the Other from Torrent.

Same Thin

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How to: Lexia 3 work with Actia Multidiag VCI

Question: Lexia 3 software can work withMultidiag VCI? Lexia 3 interface work with ActiaMultiDi@g software?

Answer: Perhaps yes.

Part 1: Lexia 3 compatible with Multidiag software?

- Multidiag works ONLY with VCI1 and VCI2 ACTIA INTERFACES . Nothing else.

- Iirc the opposite is possible: the multidiag vci can be used with the lexia software.

- Yes, Multidiag VCI can be used with Lexia SW

- the interface of lexia 3 work in multidiag software:

PSA Evolution XS KIT or Lexia Interfacework with MultiDi@g Office S/W = NO AT ALL!!!!! The opposite = YES!!! Actia MultiDi@g PassThru Device CAN works with Lexia & PPO S/W's (via special Firmware flashing).....

Part 2: How to use Actia PassThru device with Lexia 3 (Citroen) andPPO (Peugeot) software

  1. Install Lexia 3 and PPO software.
  2. Run LexiaWithPassThruXS.exe and PPOWithPassThruXS.exe to make Lexia 3 and PPO to work together with Actia PassThru device.
  3. Install PassThru drivers (latest version available from


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Free Download V4.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software (2017-09-08)

V4.5.0 VVDI2 Full software update is OK Sep 8th,some customers gave feedback that link is not OK to download,you can check on vvdi2 older version to get newest version,or you can download from the link we offer now,tested OK to download.

vvdi2 update vvdi2 update

1.Free Download V4.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software (2017-09-08)


2.V4.5.0 VVDI2 Update Information(2017-09-08)

Require firmware V4.5.0


1. All customer should update the software to V4.5.1, use the latest software to synchronize your device

2. Update firmware v4.5.1 require the latest online update tool v4.5.0 version

3. Please download latest install software first then update firmware

BMW V4.5.0

1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn

2. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V4.5.1

1. Add online points system(Menu->Points System->Online points system)

2. Bugfix


Free Download V4.5.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software (

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Why should i buy Galletto 4, Kess v2 and Ktag together?

Kess v2, Ktag, Fgtech Galletto 4 are the top 3 ECU programmers in the market. Ever failed on some ECUs? Actually, it’s necessary to buy Kess , Ktag and Fgtech all together, especially for a pro. Reasons are listed here. Why to buy Galletto 4 and kess v2 together? Galletto 4 work with truck, including Benz truck, read and write ECU via both BDM and OBD; KESS not works with truck, read and write ECU via only OBD, not BDM. Why to buy Kess v2 and Ktag together? KESS V2 is a ECU programming tool that is perfect for OBD use, while KTag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10). With KESS V2 you programming directly through the OBD port of the vehicle, while with Ktag (Ktag 2.13) you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation. Many ECU has the advantage that can be read and write from OBD port (so KESS V2 is perfect), but there are lot ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open and this is the case for all t continue reading
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How to use VVDI MB BGA tool change EIS For MB 207 all key lost

About Mercedes Benz 207 all key lost, you need to change EIS

Tools you should buy - VVDI MB BGA TOOL:

Support all key lost Mainly used for key reading and writing,EIS tools,password calculation,key file preparing,ESL tools,ECU/Gearbox renew and many special functions

support renew EIS and ELV,support write EIS and ELV

More Detail functions:



Firstly, we need to read EIS old data.

  1. Click "Read EIS data", tick off "allow user", then enter Key pass, then click "Save EIS data" to the "207 all key lost" folder, follow the prompt to finish the following procedure.

  1. Prepare key file. Click "Load EIS file" then "Prepare Key File Make new key.

1) Click "Read Write Key" and insert key into EIS;

2) Click "Identification key", reading data success and you will see key is unuse, it is a new key.

3) Click "Load key file" and select "Key1_801DDA38_used_015" to open.

4) Click "Write". Writing success

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VVDI Prog Read Motorola MC9S12 MCU Successfully

VVDI Prog Programmer software can support to read Motorola MC9S12.And here is specific chip type:MC9S12XEQ384_UNSECURED.

1.VVDI PROG connect with computer.Start VVDI PROG software,choose MCU MC9S12 type and chip MC9S12XEQ384_UNSECURED.

Security Byte Address: 0x5FF0F

Unsecured State: 0xFE(xxxx xx10) Erase the P-FLASH will set the security byte as 0xFE The program automatically detect D-FLASH and EEE memory size Mask:2M25J ID:C482 Mask:3M25J ID:C482 Mask:0M12S ID:C483 Mask:1M12S ID:C483

2.Check "connection diagram",do like diagram shows.

3.Choose "read" in the software.

Partition information error,please select partition size manually.4.Read successfully,then press Save,save the data you have read.

5.Operation success

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Actia Multi diag truck, download, price, review

It’s about Actia Multi diag 2017 2016 2015 2014 2011 download, price, truck, review. Here you go.

Part 1: Actia Multi diag download

Actia Multi-Diag 2017 download:


2016 2015 2014 multi diag access j2534 download:


Part 2: Actia Multi diag price

obd2diy offers actia diagnostics software crack but tested no issues, working the same as the original.

(Newest) Actia Multi-Diag 2016: 218.00


Note: No need Actia Multi diag keygen!

But engineers working for http://www.obd2diy.fr/ has never tested successfully. If you wanna try it on a truck, good luck.

Part 4: Actia Multi diag revie

(big thanks to the customer share lots of photos)

Then I run muti-diag access on BMW E90. Read and cleared fault codes of engine injection mevd17kw n55. Lots of sreenshots i took this time, for s

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Ford IDS 100 & JLR SDD 142 in one VCM2: 100% YES

Finally I've done it after many attempts. Have installed Ford IDS V86 and JLR SDD V138 on a laptop and get it work with one VCM2 clone unit.

First of all, You need an Notebook (not an Intel Atom based Netbook or sth.) the best choice will be IBM/Lenovo X60/X61 with at least 1.6GHz CPU (better dual core) and 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD. You also need Windows XP Professional (I prefer SP3 PL), it must be Professional (because of network purposes).

Ford IDS 86.01A: (Pass: mhhauto.com)


Calibration files: (Pass: mhhauto.com)


For Ford IDS v100 in VCM2:

  1. Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.) 2. Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs 3. Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) 4. Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors 5. Automatic vehicle recognition 6. New
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