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Tips to Avoid Color Quality Issue in Kodak Printer

We can always avoid print quality issues if we just be careful with few things. If you are using Kodak printer and don’t want to face quality issue then please following the given steps to avoid issues.

• You are using genuine Kodak ink cartridge, as other cartridge can hamper the quality.

• A non-brand ink cartridge or a re-filled cartridge can have incompatibility issues with printer.

• When you change the ink cartridge, always insert the cartridge immediately after unwrapping.

• If the ink cartridge was out for extended time, then install the ink cartridge and allow them to sit idle for few hours before printing.

• If you are not going to use printer for long time, let the ink cartridge sit in the print head, don’t remove it.


If you are following the above tips and still having poor quality print then please take help from a tech expert by dialing Kodak Printer Customer Care Number UK 0808-101-2159.


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