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Replacing Canon Printer Encoder (Timing) Strip

An encoder strip or timing strip is a clear plastic strip that is just in front of the carriage drive belt. A damages or greased timing strip can cause poor quality print or you may even face irritating grinding noise. If your Canon Printer encoder strip is damaged then replace it using the given steps:

• Remove the back panel or your printer and then unscrew the corners of the inner back panel to remove it.

• Then press down the two plastic hinges to remove upper portion and then unplug the speaker wire.

• Gently lift the scanner tray up and press the gray tab inwards to release the tabs from the printer and then remove the scanner tray from back hinges.

• Unplug the two white ribbon cables from the printer body.

• Unplug the white plastic multi wire connector from its port and then detach the scanner tray by listing it up.

• Release the tab by support link sticker and then remove the black screws from the tab.

• Then remove the two black screws closest to the printer tray and

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