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Brother Printer is Not Scanning Via Network

Sometimes we are able to print using the Brother All-in One printer but its scanner stop working on network. It is possible that the network setting for the scanner driver is incorrect. To verify this please go through the given instructions:


• First make sure that your printer is powered on and is not displaying any error.

• If that is not the issue, then make sure that you have configured your Brother printer in the peer-to-peer network environment. You can get more knowledge about it from experts at Brother Printer Phone Number UK.

• Check if the machine is available to print or not by printing a test page.

• Ensure that your Brother machine is there in scanner list.

• You might need to set the IP address on the scanner driver.

• Check your firewall settings as it may be rejecting the necessary network connection settings that are needed for the network scanning software to operate properly.

• If nothing works then uninstall and reinstall your Brother Printer driver.



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