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Brother Printer is Not Scanning Via Network

Sometimes we are able to print using the Brother All-in One printer but its scanner stop working on network. It is possible that the network setting for the scanner driver is incorrect. To verify this please go through the given instructions:


• First make sure that your printer is powered on and is not displaying any error.

• If that is not the issue, then make sure that you have configured your Brother printer in the peer-to-peer network environment. You can get more knowledge about it from experts at Brother Printer Phone Number UK.

• Check if the machine is available to print or not by printing a test page.

• Ensure that your Brother machine is there in scanner list.

• You might need to set the IP address on the scanner driver.

• Check your firewall settings as it may be rejecting the necessary network connection settings that are needed for the network scanning software to operate properly.

• If nothing works then uninstall and reinstall your Brother Printer driver.



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When Print Jobs get stuck in print queue

Printers are what we needed the most at home or our workplace. So, there is an essential need to choose the efficient quality printer. HP Printers offers a wide range of printers that comes with a multifunctional quality to boosts up your every printing task. But people using it may confront with some of the technical errors that can be resolved with Printer Customer Service. Like, when your printer is not printing from a particular computer as the print job is stuck in the mid and you cannot cancel or delete the print job.

To get it resolved, follow the steps:

Delete the print jobs file and click to restart- A file gets created in the windows when the system sent a particular print job. Some of these files get corrupted and give rise to certain issues. Just delete these corrupt file and then restart the system and printer too.

Use HP Printer’s free tool- HP Printer offer a helpful tool named HP Print and Scan Doctor that diagnoses and helps to resolve several printing issues. D

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Epson Printer is Using Too Much Ink

The main concern of any printer user is high cost of printing that is basically due to ink consumption. This is the same case with Epson Printer users. Generally the cost of printing depends on the cost of printer. It is said that an expensive printer will cost you lower per page in printing. You have to pay once and then you can save money for long run. On the other hand, lower priced inkjet printer often has low capacity cartridge and hence high running cost. Here are some tips to reduce printing cost:

• Printing in draft mode will save ink.

• Always preview your document before printing to see if there is no extra white space left.

• You always receive cartridge running low warning much in advance, so never hurry to replace the cartridge, wait and see how long the ink lasts.

• Print only when you need to, don’t waste ink on unnecessary documents.

• Always use Epson original cartridge as duplicate or refilled cartridge cost much.


If you take care of the above tips then you m

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Replacing Canon Printer Encoder (Timing) Strip

An encoder strip or timing strip is a clear plastic strip that is just in front of the carriage drive belt. A damages or greased timing strip can cause poor quality print or you may even face irritating grinding noise. If your Canon Printer encoder strip is damaged then replace it using the given steps:

• Remove the back panel or your printer and then unscrew the corners of the inner back panel to remove it.

• Then press down the two plastic hinges to remove upper portion and then unplug the speaker wire.

• Gently lift the scanner tray up and press the gray tab inwards to release the tabs from the printer and then remove the scanner tray from back hinges.

• Unplug the two white ribbon cables from the printer body.

• Unplug the white plastic multi wire connector from its port and then detach the scanner tray by listing it up.

• Release the tab by support link sticker and then remove the black screws from the tab.

• Then remove the two black screws closest to the printer tray and

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Tips to Avoid Color Quality Issue in Kodak Printer

We can always avoid print quality issues if we just be careful with few things. If you are using Kodak printer and don’t want to face quality issue then please following the given steps to avoid issues.

• You are using genuine Kodak ink cartridge, as other cartridge can hamper the quality.

• A non-brand ink cartridge or a re-filled cartridge can have incompatibility issues with printer.

• When you change the ink cartridge, always insert the cartridge immediately after unwrapping.

• If the ink cartridge was out for extended time, then install the ink cartridge and allow them to sit idle for few hours before printing.

• If you are not going to use printer for long time, let the ink cartridge sit in the print head, don’t remove it.


If you are following the above tips and still having poor quality print then please take help from a tech expert by dialing Kodak Printer Customer Care Number UK 0808-101-2159.


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