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McAfee: Recognize & Avoid Phishing Mails

Phishing is an online form of identity theft. Some cyber criminals try to steal you bank information through phishing mails. But you can protect yourself from falling into trap by following the given practices:


  • Examine Email Address: Most phishing mails claim to be from legitimate business or services. You   must have a look at sender email address; if it doesn’t end from business name then it’s suspicious.
  • Inspect Website: Then next you need to check the link offered in the email, hover your mouse over it and right click it. Then click on properties, you will see the complete URL and now check if that is from the same business or not. If not then it could be fishing attempt.
  • Anti-Spam: Leading web-mail providers have anti-spam technology built in. you can use McAfee anti-spam feature as well to bolster your protection. It will reduce the risk of phishing.
  • Check Web-address: whenever you are entering your personal information on any website make sure that the URL is secured by
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Overall Picture of Security Status of McAfee Security Scan

There are three status types that you see in the Overall Security bar after running antivirus scan from McAfee Antivirus. Each status bar has its own meaning and resolution. You can perform various actions depending upon your security status to protect your computer.


Your Computer is at Risk- This status appears when no antivirus or firewall protection is found, or out dated, or turned off. To fix this issue click Fix Now which will take you to McAfee site and there you can update or purchase complete protection.

No Issues Found- It indicates that there is running antivirus and firewall protection and but only one or neither is McAfee product.

Your Computer is Protected- It shows that your system is protected because you are using an updated version of McAfee antivirus and firewall protection. Here you don’t have to do anything, just let McAfee Security Scan continue to check your computer and monitor your security status.


The status gives overall picture of your comput

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