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KT Tape: General Shoulder

Kinesiology Tape :General Shoulder PainThe shoulder is a complex and relatively unstable joint that every person uses extensively on a daily basis. There are many muscles and forces that act on the shoulder, and when any of these is overactive or underactive, problems can arise.Caused of general shoulder pain are extensive and can be due to injuries of the many muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, cartilage, or bones that make up the shoulder complex. Stress, compensation from past injury, or inflammation due to poor biomechanics is often the cause of continued general shoulder pain.Though shoulder pain can have many different root causes, it is often associated with raised shoulders. Dropping the shoulders will almost always create more joint space and relieve the stress and pain in the shoulder. Use this application to create a gentle reminder to keep good posture and relax the shoulder muscles to bring the shoulders down into a healthier position. Regardless of the source of shoulde

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KT Tape Offers Pain Relief and Support at USA Gymnastics Trials 2016

KT Tape gives gymnasts (and anyone) support where they need it most. KT Tape offers taping applications for over 50 injuries. Go to KT Tape's website to watch instructional videos to help you tape like a champion.


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KT Tape Plantar Fasciitis Application Video

A new application from Holly Moriarty, a sports chiropractor from Haymarket, VA. This application differs from other plantar fasciitis applications in that it 1) has a toe anchor to allow it to stay on longer on a sweaty foot, 2) The second strip acts as arch support, and 3) The third strips helps pull the calf muscle back down to relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon.

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KT Tape: Ankle Stability-Spanish

KT Tape to treat pain & injuries, recover faster, & play harder.

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KT Tape Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrist Application

A New Application from Chris Harper, a doctor of physical therapy from Draper, Utah, to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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James Harden Tapes for Shoulder Support with KT TAPE

James Harden shows us how easy it is to tape with KT Tape. Watch his instructional video and learn from a Pro!







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