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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review- Feather Fest Takes Wing This April

The upper Texas coast transforms into a massive avian frat house this time of year, with countless birds winging northward across the Gulf of Mexico from their Central and South American winter bungalows. That probably helps to explain why birders, nature photographers and naturalists outnumber sun worshipers on Galveston during the spring.

It’s also the reason why the FeatherFest Birding & Nature Festival, scheduled for April 6-9 and celebrating its 15th anniversary, has grown into one of the preeminent events of its kind in North America. Presented by the Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council, FeatherFest regularly attracts nature lovers from around the state and the nation intent on two things: spotting as many varieties of migratory birds as they can and soaking up the camaraderie of hanging out with hundreds of like-minded outdoorsy folks.

Experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Si

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Investment Tips: Learning How to Invest

What is investing all about? How do you start?


If you have decided to enter the world of investing, learning how to invest must now dominate your time and focus. Two steps will help you on your way.


Defining investing

Eradicate your debts now

Reward yourself first of all

Active and passive methods of investing

Speculating versus investing

Planning and setting objectives

How stock trading works

The dangers of margin

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Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: 5 Steps to Perfect Grilling

Planning a cookout for Memorial Day? That’s a great idea: Grilling is a naturally healthy way to prepare food, says Jessica Palumbo, RD, a dietitian at Glen Cove Hospital -- as long as you take a few simple precautions and make smart choices about the menu.


For summer celebrations that are safe, nutritious, and, of course, delicious, take these easy steps when you fire up your grill...

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Investing Review: Be Debt-Free in 9 Ways

Some things you can easily neglect or forget without causing any harm, such as what the last two answers are in the crossword puzzle today; but you cannot do that to a debt. Debt stays like a recurring nightmare in the night, haunting us and chasing us like Mr. Anderson in a Matrix world, charging compounded annual rates of 20% or more of monthly interests. We are stuck in that world’s system – with no escape in sight. But there is a way out of debt, using our free debt-crushing strategies -- and with the help of some of your rich friends and wealthy relatives (see tip No. 5). The nine ways to escape this enslaving system follow:


1. Exceed your monthly dues

2. Snowball your debt payments

3. Withdraw your savings account

4. Take out a loan using your life insurance policy

5. Persuade family and friends for help

6. Acquire a home equity loan

7. Avail of a loan through your 401(k)

8. Restructure your loans

9. Final option: Declare bankruptcy



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