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Quick And Easy Steps To Delete Emails In Gmail Acoount

Deleting all Gmail email messages at one shot is very simple. There is a specific procedure for deleting all emails at once. If you’d like to delete all your Gmail email messages at one shot, then please have a look at the 9 instructions listed below to get the result.

1. First action to take is to open up a web browser on your device.

2. Sign in to your Gmail account and visit your mailbox.

3. Once you’ve reached your inbox, please check the box located above Primary folder.

4. All the email messages in Social folder will be deleted.

5. Then click on Promotions folder and repeat the steps listed above.

If you’ve doubt, or if you’d like to obtain live assistance and solution for email deletion or  recovery of deleted emails, then contact a specialist at the listed toll free number. Call to see a live demo on how to delete emails at once.  Calling on Toll Free Gmail Customer Service Phone Number will give you proper guidance and professional assistance for email recovery and per

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How To Fix The Hotmail Issues For Your Android Smartphone?

Generally, the hotmail users face many issues related to their account and gets frustrated as a result.

Generally, those issues include Hotmail Password Recovery, Hotmail accont creation, issues of Hotmail app in different OS, etc. But the issue which the 99% of the Hotmail users face is fixing the errors related to the Hotmail app on their Android smartphone.

Let’s go directly to the best solutions for this troublesome issue.

  • One way for the users is to firstly uninstall the Hotmail app, restart their mobile, reinstalling the app again, and then using it on their mobiles.
  • They can also try to enable the Hotmail app synchronization on their mobiles.
  • Sometimes, configuring the incoming and outgoing server settings including POP3, SMTP and IMAP proves to be beneficial to resolve their issues.
  • Some users have reported that by clear the Hotmail cache on their smartphone, they are able to fix this issue.

So, if still your problem isn’t fixed, then it is always recommended to co

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How To Set Up Gmail 2 Step Verification Method?

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These days, breaking into anyone's email account is very easy as people can easily hack Gmail account password. This may lead to a leakage of important information in the form of emails. To tackle this, users must know about the two step verification process. Activation of 2 step is very easy and involves a few easy to implement steps. All that users need to do is to take assistance from the Gmail Technical Support team of Gmail to learn about the steps involved. 

Once two step verification is activated, users will be required to enter a security code along with the password, thus adding an extra layer of security.

Following are the steps to activate the two step verification process

  • The first thing which users must do is to go to this page:
  • In the next step, users must click on Signing in & security section and then login sign in with their Gmail username and password
  • In the next step, users must select Turn off 2-Step Verification.
  • A c

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Get Basic Information About IMAP Mail Server Settings For Outlook.Com Email Account

ms-outlook-password-recovery-phone-number has been designed by Microsoft as an alternative to Google Gmail. Just like Gmail can configure favorite email client to send & receive emails through email account. To do so, it is necessary to need to know the Outlook mail server settings that support by the POP and IMAP Just depending upon email client application by which help user can configure and setup email account in a right manner. 

IMAP email protocol is one of the best option for the incoming email server settings that is best and same for all email client application that helps to add email account. Or you can consult to expert over a Outlook Customer Care Number.

Please follow the steps fro the IMAP mail server: 

  • Go to the Outlook 2013 and make sure select Manual setup or additional server type.
  • Click to account type and select mail server with Outlook email ID. 
  • Click on the next screen and choose IMAP and enter the following mail server settings.
  • Enter the password and cli

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