Best Nesco FD-75PR dehydrator review|2017

Nesco FD-75PR

With all of the features of this beef jerky food dehydrator, including its low price, it’s no surprise that this is the best selling model available. One of the things you will find most useful about the Nesco FD-75PR Food Dehydrator is that it provides much more drying space than its small footprint would suggest. It comes standard with five round trays, but it can be expanded to include several more. This expandability is something you won’t find in most dehydrators, no matter what the price.


While the Nesco FD-75PR food dehydrator is very simple and easy to use, that can also be somewhat of a drawback for some people. The unit is so simple, it doesn’t have a timer to allow you to control when it shuts off without being there. Actually, it’s so simple that it doesn’t even have an on/off switch. But if these things are very important to you, it is easy enough to add an outlet timer that you can find available at your local hardware store. This is a small compromis

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