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Download Forsaken 2015 Full Movie

Download Forsaken 2015 Full Movie

Genre:Drama, WesternDirector: Jon CassarWriter: Brad MirmanStars: Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Brian CoxDownload Forsaken 2015 Full Movie

The Steps was a perfect example of how a familiar story, when told well, can feel new. This is just as true of Forsaken, which had its Western Canada premiere at the festival. Kiefer Sutherland (who stood like 20 feet from me when introducing the film) plays gunslinger John forsaken Henry Clayton who returns home to his Reverend father (Donald Sutherland, sharing the screen with his son for the first time). As a pacifist, Rev. Clayton is none too happy to see his boy and is skeptical that he is sincere in his vow to hang up his guns for good. John Henry’s abstinence from the way of the gun is tested when some bullies ride into town forcing people off their land and threaten his long-lost love (Demi Moore).Instead, it follows the tradition of the great westerns of the 50s that understood the excitement of watching a hero getting his revenge just

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