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Learning Guitar Are You Practicing It Properly?

A very common mistake often noticed by instructors during guitar classes in San Jose is that the guitar players get stuck at a level because they don’t practice in a way that forces them to move ahead efficiently. They have their basic “repertoire”, which may be really nice, but they simply keep on playing that, and not learning anything new.

To take your skills to the next level, you need to learn and master new things every day. Your basic practice session should look like this:

  ü  Tune up. Use your ears as well, not just the electric tuner.

  ü  Stretch your fingers. You don’t want your wrist or fingers.

  ü  Perform some warm-up exercises such as spider exercises across the fretboard.

It should take just a few minutes to perform the abovementioned, and this is where your practice session really starts. It is recommended to split this into the following 3 parts:

  ü  1/3 devoted to learning new stuff. This is where you advance.

  ü  1/3 devoted to using your knowledge to pl

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5 Key Mistakes Beginner Guitarists Often Make

Every new guitar learner makes an array of mistakes that can be avoided. Check out this guide to learn about five key mistakes every beginner guitarist make.

It’s inevitable that when you set out on learning something new, you’ll make mistakes and guitar is no exception. Here are five mistakes that every individual make while taking up beginner guitar lessons in San Jose.

Not paying enough attention to timing & tempo

You would be surprised at how little most people can keep a constant rhythm going, although this is basically the alpha-omega of music. If you can’t keep count and stay on beat, you can’t make music. If you’ve been practicing without a metronome, well, it’s time to get one. Use it for every practice session and you’ll be surprised at how bad you’ll be at staying on beat.

Not playing with others

This one is a bit harder to achieve while taking up beginner guitar classes in San Jose, but playing with others can be one of the most beneficial methods to get your playing t

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Ways To Make The Most Of Your Voice Lessons

If you really want to get better at singing and improve your skills, you’ll need to make the most of your time – both in your voice lessons in San Jose and during practice. Whether you want to sing cover songs, work on specific techniques, get help picking a song for an audition, or simply have fun exploring your voice, your instructor is there to help you reach your goals and keep you on track.

You’ll learn basics such as:

  Ø  How to cars for your voice

  Ø  How your posture affects your singing

  Ø  Breathing exercises for singers

Try your best to be open and talk openly about your concerns with the instructor. However, the same way as a physician’s patient, a voice student has the right to get a second option if you feel frustrated or stuck. The best voice instructors will actually encourage you to get one.


Take a break and try a new voice instructor for a couple of months. Sometimes, a new set of ears and a fresh perspective can change the way you look at voice lessons in

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Reasons to Choose Digital Pianos over Acoustic Pianos

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer digital pianos over acoustic pianos:

Space:  Acoustic pianos are bigger than digital ones and hence require a lot of space. You can put up a digital piano wherever you want to as they are versatile and require a lot less space.

Portability: Digital pianos are portable and can be carried anywhere unlike acoustic pianos, which are so big and will generally require a special piano moving service to do so. Though digital pianos will take some lugging around, but it can be done.

Tuning:  An acoustic piano requires maintenance if you want to keep it in a good condition. You need a piano technician to tune your acoustic piano and this requires money. But these costs are magnified when you buy a digital piano. It doesn’t require much maintenance and is perfect every time you turn it on and play it.

Sound Variety:  A digital piano provides you rhythm to support your playing. It also has drums in it. So, you don’t need to go and hire a drummer w

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Health benefits of Learning Piano



Playing piano is not only about getting appreciation from people. It also helps to keep your mind sharp and is beneficial for your health too.

Here are some of the benefits of Piano:

1.       Good Response to Criticism:  Playing piano gives you peace of mind. It helps you respond to criticism in a better way thus giving you mental peace.

2.       Reduces Anxiety and Stress:  Playing piano helps you reduce stress and anxiety and give you peace.  It also teaches you self-discipline, dedication and helps you in setting your aim.

3.       Learn to React Well to Successes and Disappointments:  This is another benefit of learning piano especially when you participate in piano competitions. You may have to face disappointments in life and learning piano teaches you how to deal with it and move further. Taking best piano classes in San Jose helps you learn this thing.


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