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It has been noted that many academicians from world famous universities like Harvard, Columbia University, Cambridge, University of Chicago, Yale University, University of Göttingen, etc have published their valuable papers with Sciencedomain journals. Please see gere for some proof ( Most probably these academicians have trusted Sciencedomain International due to transparent policies that include the standards of peer review process (Advanced Open Peer review), good indexing coverage, high editorial benchmarks, and many more. One must go through the terms and conditions of submission and publication policies in order to have a clear idea about the working style of this publisher. This publisher has always focused on providing readers with relevant information without any hassle.


Reference: Who's Afraid of Peer Review? Science, 2013: Vol. 342 no. 6154 pp. 60-65, DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6154.60

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