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Drug Detox - What Is Drug Dependency?

posted by John1245 on Feb 17, 2017
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Drug dependency encompasses psychological and physiological symptoms related to excessive craving and abuse of a drug. It indicates that the drug user is wholly dependent on the drug.

Drug dependency affects the functioning of the brain. Although, it creates a sense of extreme pleasure, however, with regular intake and abuse, it can affect the proper functioning of the brain.

The symptoms of drug dependency include:

 Severe craving to abuse a drug.

 Unbearable withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug.

 A constant need for more drugs to perform the daily routine.

 Development of a high tolerance for the substance as the body adapts to the drug, which leads to the intake of more frequent doses.

Drug dependency is considered to be more fatal than the drug abuse. There are many triggers which can lead a person towards drug dependency. Having a family history of addiction is the foremost cause, moreover, one can even start drug dependency in an environment where the illegal drugs are often used and easy to access.

It is important that a person suffering from drug dependency should be provided with proper treatment at a certified rehab for drug detox San Jose. The professionals cater to provide medication and therapy to de-addict the user and help one to live a healthy life.

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