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Drug Detox - What Is Drug Dependency?

by John1245 - Feb 17, 2017 - Drug Detox San Jose

Drug dependency encompasses psychological and physiological symptoms related to excessive craving and abuse of a drug. It indicates that the drug user is wholly dependent on the drug.

Drug dependency affects the functioning of the brain. Although, it creates a sense of extreme pleasure, however, with regular intake and abuse, it can affect the proper functioning of the brain.

The symptoms of drug dependency include:

 Severe craving to abuse a drug.

 Unbearable withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug.

 A constant need for more drugs to perform the daily routine.

 Development of a high tolerance for the substance as the body adapts to the drug, which leads to the intake of more frequent doses.

Drug dependency is considered to be more fatal than the drug abuse. There are many triggers which can lead a person towards drug dependency. Having a family history of addiction is the foremost cause, moreover, one can even start drug dependency in an environment where the illegal dr

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Alcohol Can Rewire The Brain Of A Teenager

by John1245 - Feb 17, 2017 - Alcohol Rehab San Jose

Alcohol has become a drug of choice amongst most of the teenagers. As a consequent result, underage drinking has become a leading health problem in the country.

There are various factors which can lead a teenager to start alcohol abuse. One of the obvious factors is the need for experimentation. The ones who experiment with this drug are likely to consume more alcohol over a short period of time, which is known as binge drinking.

Some teens drink alcohol because of a low self-esteem, while others are impulsive and start drinking under a peer-pressure. This is a serious matter which should be taken into consideration as soon as possible by the parents to avoid any mishap. It is, therefore, necessary that parents should talk to their children openly and tell them about the health problems which can arise due to the alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse affects the functioning of the teenage brain and also makes one vulnerable to various health problems at a young age itself. Therefore, it

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Drug Abuse And Drug Addiction- What’s The Difference?

by John1245 - Feb 10, 2017 - Detox Bay Area

Detox Bay Area

Most people get confused with the terms “Drug addiction” and “Drug abuse”. Although drug abuse may lead to drug addiction, however, both these terms have a separate meaning.

The drug abuse definition centers around the way a person uses drugs, while the drug addiction includes the use of drugs and the harmful physical and psychological effects that it has on the body. Drug abuse is the illicit use of any drug like alcohol, cannabis, marijuana, etc.  Whereas, drug addiction leads to the inability to stop using the drug, in spite of numerous attempts which develops from the repeated drug abuse.

It is important to understand that taking drugs in any form is very harmful to the health. It not only disrupts the working of various organs in the body, moreover, it declines the brain’s ability to perceive things properly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep distance from the use of drugs.

 If someone has a problem with drug abuse and addiction, it is important to consult a certified re

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Treatment Approaches For Alcohol Addiction

by John1245 - Feb 10, 2017 - Alcohol Rehab Bay Area

Alcohol Rehab Bay Area

Alcohol addiction is an uncontrollable use of alcohol, despite harmful consequences and changes in the body and the brain, which can be long lasting.

There are various options available to de-addict the user from consuming alcohol, which include:

1. Alcohol deaddiction program- It is specially designed to provide medical, psychological and behavioral treatment to the addicted alcohol user. It is, therefore, necessary to consult a certified Alcohol Rehab Bay Area  to assess the specific needs of the patient and provide proper medication as part of the de-addiction program.

2. Detox Treatment- Detoxification is done to handle the withdrawal effects like hallucinations, cravings, and seizures when the user is provided with the treatment. The first step in detox treatment is to monitor and control the physical symptoms and reach a stable point. The alcohol usage is slowly reduced over a period of time, through a detailed tapering schedule that is set up and supervised by a medica

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Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Nervous System

by John1245 - Feb 03, 2017 - Drug Detox San Jose

Effects Of Drug Abuse On The Nervous System

Regardless of whether the drug is legal or illegal, abuse of any type of drug can have an effect on the nervous system. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, nerve fibers and specialized nerve cells. Drug abuse can cause problems with perceiving signals in the nervous system.

Drugs that act as stimulants elevate mood and increase energy in the user, In the case of some stimulants, like cocaine, which blocks the uptake of dopamine by neuronal cells. Dopamine is a chemical that is responsible for controlling the movement of the body. It also stimulates the emotions and the feelings of pleasure and pain.

The stimulants increase mood and alertness, while alcohol and marijuana are the types of depressants which tend to give the user a feeling of drowsiness. Depressant drugs affect the nervous system and impair the brains ability to judge any situation. Moreover, an overdose of drugs can also lead to death.

Opiate is a dr

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